Am I The Only One With A Big Mouth? — Shatta Wale Asks

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Shatta Wale is fed up with folks taking a jab at him for having big lips.

According to Kakai singer in a trending video, he is not only the only person in this world with big lips. And also he doesn’t give a f*** about it as he is mega rich.

Citing Jay Z as an example, he said the multiple award winning rapper and millionaire, has big lips than anyone in this world but he is incredibly rich.

“Don’t sit there and say I don’t like Shatta Wale, I don’t like his character. His mouth is big. Am I the only one whose mouth is big? Don’t you see Jay Z’s mouth is big? You don’t see the money Jay Z get? Jay Z is hella rich. Everyday big mouth big mouth.. Gbeee Naabu. They guy who sang Gbee Naabu where is he now? It means you are following failure.”

Watch the video below..

Written by GhanaSlayers

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