I Will Act P*rn Movie If I’m Being Offered 1million Dollars — Baby Blanche

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Actress Baby Blanche says she is ready to go nekkid in a movie once she offered a whopping 1 million dollars.

In an interview with, the Hot Fork actress said she was ready to act a soft p*rn movie when a million dollar is offered to her.

She however agreed with the caveat that there would be no s*xual intercourse in the movie.

“If it is just a picture, and I don’t have to sleep with anyone, then for $1million I would,” she told ZionFelix.

Baby Blanche, a D-lister, has featured in a number of X-r*ted movies, including “Hot Fork”, “Adults Only”, “What S*x Can Do”

Watch the interview below..

Written by GhanaSlayers

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