Ibrah One Arrested For Money Laundering — Threatens To Expose All The Fraud and Game Boys Doing Money Laundering

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Ibrah One Arrested For Money Laundering

According to several reports, Ibrah One, one of Ghana’s big boys, who’s known for showing luxury on Social media has been arrested.

According to, Ibrah One has been engaging in money laundering for a long time, and has been doing it for some top men in the country. Someone who knows him very well, got pissed off and reported him to Interpol when he refused to pay an amount of money owed him. The Snitch was pissed off because Ibrah owed him lots of money and we hear about $400,000 and he blocked him when he called him demanding for his money

Ibrah one arrested for money laundering now lawyers for Ibrah One are said to hold a press meeting any moment from now to give details as to what happened. We’ve also seen posts on Ibrah One’s Snapchat account, where he threatened to expose everybody who is also into the money laundering business.


Written by GhanaSlayers

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