Pregnant Girlfriend of Ernest Opoku Storms Multimedia With Canes To Lash Him (Must See Videos)

The pregnant ex-girlfriend of Ernest Opoku, Gladys Mensah Boaku stormed Multimedia premises with canes to lash her ex, who was in the Adom FM studio, co-hosting the Adom Live Worship.

According to Gladys, who is also known as Nayas, she stormed Multimedia premises because Ernest Opoku said he regretted the affair he had with her and Ghanaians should pray for him.

Gladys reportedly stepped out of her car, with canes concealed in her dress and went straight to studios of Adom FM to attack the renowned gospel musician.

According to her, she would only stop attacking Ernest if he apologizes and retracts comments that he regrets the affair they had.

Watch the utterly shocking videos below…


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