Obengfo Hospital Director Arrested After Dep. NEIP CEO Death

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The late Deputy CEO of NEIP, Stacy Offei Darko

The Police have arrested the Director of the Advanced BODYSculpt Centre, Obengfo Hospital, Dr Dominic Obeng-Andoh.

This was following the tragic death of Stacy Offei Darko, Deputy Chief Executive Officer for National Entrepreneurship Innovation Programme (NEIP), at their hospital on Monday (May 21).

According to Stacy’s mother, Nana Akosua Anima(I), her daughter was not sick and had only gone to Obengfo Hospital for a medical check-up on Saturday evening.

Stacy had promised to see her on Monday, unfortunately, she never heard from her, so she kept calling her phone.

She became a bit worried when all her calls went unanswered until on Wednesday when a nurse answered the phone.

The nurse told the mother that Stacy was in critical condition so she should rush to the hospital if she is in Accra because they need a family relative at the hospital.

Nana Akosua Anima (I) said she made a quick dash to the hospital.

Upon reaching Obengfo Hospital, one doctor explained to her that Ms Darko had come to the hospital for a checkup and while she was receiving treatment, she passed on.

Although she insisted on seeing the body, she was told that the body had already been deposited at the morgue.

She is, therefore, accusing the owner of the Obengfo Hospital of having a hand in the death of her daughter.

Speaking to CITI News, Satcy’s mother said: “the police CID [Criminal Investigations Department] has arrested the director of Obengfo Hospital. He is currently at the Nima Police Station. There were many accomplices who are also behind bars. They have also arrested some of his nurses and investigations are still in progress.”

She also revealed that the deceased family are awaiting a postmortem report from Korle Bu.

“The corpse has been taken to Korle Bu for postmortem to determine exactly what my daughter was injected with. Even a chicken won’t be treated like she was. We will decide what we do after we receive the postmortem report,” she added.

Source: MyJoyOnline and CITINewsRoom

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Obengfo Hospital Owner Charged With Murder Following Death of Dep. NEIP CEO