Anas Video: How Kwesi Nyantakyi ‘Sold’ Ghana for $11 million

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Kwesi Nyantakyi

With an awkward smile, a boastful rhythmic thump on his chest and with the promises of a garrulous man the president of the GFA Kwesi Nyantakyi carelessly ‘sold’ the sovereignty of Ghana for $11 million to a ‘businessman’ in a hope of getting an extra one million dollars for a job well done.

But in the end he was caught by the arm, like what Ramos did to Mo Salah, dragged to the ground and left in shame at least in the eyes of thousands who thronged the Conference Centre, Wednesday, to watch the first premiere of the “Number 12” the latest Anas Aremeyaw Anas investigative piece.

Thousands had come as early as 12 noon, to watch the fall of the great FA wall built by the youngest ever FA boss who had become so powerful he could sack his vice with a yawn and a wiggle of his hand.

Standing space was premium in the hall for those who were privileged enough to get into the main auditorium at 2:00 pm.

There were several hundred more in a meandering queue all the way to the main entrance of Conference Centre itching to get in for the first bite of the Kwesi Nyantakyi cherry at 3:00 pm but lost out for lack of space. They had to wait in the rain to try their luck for the second show which was at 5:00 pm, the third at 8:00 pm and hopefully the 4th at 10:00 pm.

For the early birds that caught the worm, shock greeted them when they saw referees, Football Administrators captured on camera, throwing fairness to dogs and falling for baits, crumbs in a perfectly planned, well executed undercover sting meant to clean the FA of the bad, corrupt lot.

When Jesus said ‘it is finished’ he had saved the souls in many homes across the globe but when Kwesi Nyantakyi said ‘it is finished’ in the video he had ‘sold’ his integrity, that of the president, the vice president, the roads minister and his deputy for $5 million, $3 million, $2million and $1 million respectively for nonexistent contracts which were to be awarded to the supposed investor, who unknown to Nyantakyi, was an undercover journalist with the TigerEye PI.

For years, corruption in football has been mere speculation.

Allegations of corruption against key football officials, referees were many but without substance. The FA president had brushed aside such allegations with such sincerity but on the day when thousands were watching live events unfolding on a giant screen at the Conference Centre ready to give a round of applause and standing ovation to the football people, none, except two, could stand the test of integrity.

Kweku Eyia and JF Mensah, two men with the GFA Executive Committee stood tall in résistance to a bait meant to compromise their faith, their positions and their decisions.

They got a thunderous clap, and a standing ovation from the crowd who sat for close to two hours watching the behind-the-veil stories of the powerful men, women, referees, in football circles dancing around in circus shortly after taking bribes in cash, goats etc and sealed every deal with a golden handshake.

Source: MyJoyOnline

Written by GhanaSlayers

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