NSMQ 2018: Sonrise SHS Beat Opoku Ware School

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Favourites, Opoku Ware School suffered a defeat to debutants Sonrise SHS in a nail-biting contest held today.

At end of the contest, Sonrise SHS had 49 points whilst Opoku Ware had 46. Brekum SHS could only pull 15 points.

Whilst the results are utterly shocking, all hope is not lost for two-time NSMQ champions OWASS, as their points are high enough to ensure their qualification to the next stage of the competition as one of the 18 highest-scoring losing schools.

In 2017, Opoku Ware School was eliminated at the 1/8 stage of the competition by Keta SHTS.

Written by GhanaSlayers

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