Midland Savings & Loans Suspends Staff Over Assault On Customer

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Management of Midland Savings And Loans has suspended all staff who were on duty when a police officer brutally assaulted a customer at their Shiashie branch last Thursday.

On Friday, a video of a police officer beating a woman at Midland Savings and Loans went viral, with everyone condemning the brutal assault.

The police officer, named Lance Corporal Frederick Amanor assaulted Patience Osafo, because she refused to leave the banking hall with her grandchild as her money has not been given to her.

According to the company, they are ashamed that their staff on duty failed to step in or restrain the police officer from beating their customer.

“We find it totally shameful that our staff on duty at the time of the incident could not restrain the police officer from inflicting any further harm on our customer,” they said in a statement released today.

“Our staff on duty who were witnesses to this cruel act and could not restrain the police officer or ensure the safety of our customer and the child will also be dealt with according to our internal disciplinary procedures. For this reason, all staff involved have been suspended as internal disciplinary procedures continue.”

Midland Management also says they have plans to compensate Ms Patience Osafo.

“The legal team is in the process of fashioning out an appropriate compensation package for our customer and same shall be communicated to her in due course”

Written by GhanaSlayers

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