‘My Ex-Husband Never Had Money But..’ — Akorfa Edjeani Asiedu

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Veteran Ghanaian actress, Akorfa Edjeani Asiedu has said she is not the type of woman who is moved by money.

According to the ‘Sidechick Gang’ actress in an interview with Deloris Frimpong-Manso on the Delay Show, her ex-husband never had money but she still loved him and supported him.

“My ex-husband never had money but I was ok with him. If you’re a good wife and your husband doesn’t have enough money and you can support why not,” she said.

“For me I don’t marry because of money, I don’t love a man because of his money. If you’ve money it’s a bonus. If you’re a street sweeper and I think I like you and I’m in love with you, I’ll even buy the brooms for you to sweep the streets with.”

Akorfa Edjeani Asiedu also revealed that she is currently seeing someone and may marry again.

“Well I’m still young, I probably will remarry so I don’t think I’ll ever regret divorcing my ex-husband. For now I’m seeing someone else,” she told Delay.

Written by GhanaSlayers

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