A Plus’ Wife Attacks Ghanaians For Calling Her Fat

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Akosua Vee after giving birth

Akosua Vee Bannerman, wife of controversial Ghanaian comedian Kwame A Plus, has slammed social media folks who constantly mock her for getting fat after giving birth.

In a shocking meltdown on Facebook, Akosua Vee, who only gave birth to a baby girl four months ago, insulted people who body-shame her when they comment under her social media posts.

She said:

“Y’all read about postpartum depression get abreast with it and stop typing you look fat ,when u reducing , we want the old vee under my pics ! Y’all stop acting sheepishly and receive sense ! I am just a 4 months breastfeeding mum! Unless u want me doing liposuction !

I am not Kylie Jenner or what hv u to be pushed into the theatre room right after birth for body enhancement! I f***en don’t owe nobody nothing to SNAP BACK so fast . Like muuuum re u maaaad???

After all I don’t hv a big belly like your damn wife and ur fucked up self !!!”

Akosua Vee before giving birth

Written by GhanaSlayers

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