Menzgold Shuts Down Again Without Paying Customers Their Dividends

Gold trading firm Menzgold Ghana has once again postponed it’s plans to pay customers their dividends.

Menzgold promised customers to resume operations on 28th September, a week ago, but even though they ‘resumed’ they merely handed out a schedule of payments to be adhered to by customers.

However, customers has since failed to receive their dividends as the company keeps postponing their deadlines.

October 3rd, one of the deadlines passed without any payments and today, another deadline set by the company is also not being adhered to.

Menzgold now insists customers would be communicated to by Monday on the next course of action.The company is currently in dire straits after being shut down by the SEC.

Menzgold maintains they would pay customers dividends on their investments that occurred before the date the SEC shut them down, but even that has failed to materialize so far.

Source: InnoNews

Written by GhanaSlayers

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