If I Wanted To Kill The Judges, I Would Have Done That In 1979, Not 1982 – Rawlings

Former president Jerry John Rawlings has said the Multimedia Group documentary about the killing of the ex-soldier and three High Court judges is a deliberate attempt to implicate him in the murder.

Speaking at a forum in Kumasi, Rawlings said he is absolutely innocent of the much-talk-about murder of the three judges and retired soldier that happened under his military regime in 1982.

According to him, If he wanted the judges dead, he would have killed them in 1979 and not 1982 when the country was much calmer.

“If I were blood thirsty as these people are claiming, on 15th May 79 I could have ignited the thing and left it. 79 when people were calling for blood I could have just let go and let people do the killings,” he said.

“How do I come back in the 80s when things have cooled down and say I want to kill judges? It was a terrible thing some of our people did.

“How do you choose how to knock me down without going too low?

“I have enough true stories about these characters.”

Written by GhanaSlayers

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