The Lady with 2 ‘Vaginas’ The Untold Story.

Elizabeth Amoaa a.k.a Special Lady
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Elizabeth Amoaa the founder of Speciallady continues with her campaign on reproductive health.

Following her recent interview with Giovani on 3fm Drive, her story made the headlines, almost every media platform featured ‘The lady with 2 vaginas’ story. Elizabeth stressed ‘I am special and unique having two vaginal cavities’.

She was born with a rare condition called uterus didelphys which is having a double womb, double cervix and double vagina passages. Also, she suffers from endometriosis, fibroids and ovarian cysts.

This news went as far to attract an international health website called Elizabeth was granted an interview and her story was featured in the magazine.

Upon all the negative comments by some of the public, she insisted in an interview with TVAfrica that she is pleased that people are now aware of the condition, since topics regarding gynaecological conditions are unspoken within our African society. Therefore, she shall continue to be the voice of the voiceless.

This has been her motivation to set up Speciallady to empower other women and young girls by sharing her story and experience.

During April 2019, she carried out empowerment programs and made donations. She donated over 15000 items from clothing, sanitary towels, books, toys, drinks and medical essentials.

She visited 2nd Image Beauty and Fashion School, Afrakomah Community Hospital, Mcphet Star Academy and Nima Berlin bridge with over 300 guests where donations and education on gynaecological issues where given.

During every tour Elizabeth emphasised on how setting up Speciallady Awareness has helped her to make a positive difference and impacted her life and other women.

She noted that although, it is perfectly normal for some women to keep silent during such ordeal, speaking out can improve the patients psychological condition since gynaecological conditions can affect their lifestyle, relationship, goals and career.

Elizabeth emphasized on how her empowerment and donations tours would not have been successful without her sponsors Kaya Tours Ghana, Kasapreko, Yazz Sanitary Towels and ICANN brands support.

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