The Business of 21st Century

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Several years of battling with unemployment as a graduate from the Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ), the university trained Public Relations Professional and facilitator found her passion in the business world.

Though her Event Management business collapsed within a year due to high startup capital, four years later, Obaapa Akua Gyekye partnered with an international business organisation which she believed is her starting point to creating generational wealth.

The Chinese manufacturing company which is over 31 years old, and was fully operational in Nigeria, Benin, Zimbabwe, Cote d’Ivoire, Togo jyst to mention a few, offered mouthwatering incentives such as free car awards, free international and local trips, 4 year four educational scholarship, OEM’s, $150, 000 house fund, and weekly payments.

”We believed in a lie, we were told to go to good schools, attain high paying jobs after graduation but these jobs are not existent. It is no doubt that people hold PhDs in the country and are still broke”

Obaapa whose life transformed after reading Robert Kiyosakis’ Rich Dad, Poor Dad in her opinion the countries economy was a difficult field to penetrate as a graduate entrepreneur.

”I began thinking, looking for avenues, how do I get to be an investor, what are the means to partnership, do I need a job, how do I work smart?” she added.

Evidently, video uploads by the administrator of Machecquenodeybounce, a page she set up on Facebook and on Instagram, to educate and aid people who are willing to enter into partnership with the business shows how the last born of nine children makes use of her journalism and teaching skills to explain products and services offered by her company.

She explained, ”Many people are afraid to network because there is 90% of negative news in the industry that has caused people to shun the possibility of living a life of financial freedom, you don’t blame organisers of the Olympic games when an athlete does not cross the finish line”
Though she looked sober and melancholic, Obaapa Akua Gyekye challenged businessmen, students, the Clergy to reach her on her Facebook page at or WhatsApp and cease the opportunity to create financial success since the figures for unemployment rate was globally on the rise.

Written by GhanaSlayers

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