China’s coronavirus death toll revision adds nearly 1,300 fatalities

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Wuhan city officials said they have revised the coronavirus death toll on Friday and added 1,290 new deaths.

The new death toll for Wuhan as of end of day Thursday is 3,869, the city government said.

Wuhan also revised the confirmed number of coronavirus cases by increasing its total number by 325, bringing the total to 50,333 cases.

Officials said they revised the figures to show “accountability to history, to the people and the victims,” as well as to ensure “open and transparent disclosure of information and data accuracy” — and the new data is the result of extensive work involving numerous government agencies and institutions.

Official said the reasons for the discrepancies are:

During the initial stage of the outbreak, some patients died at home due to lack of medical resources;

During the peak of the outbreak, medical workers were overwhelmed and focused mostly on treatment, resulting in late reporting, omissions and misreporting of data;

There was a rapid increase in the number of designated medical facilities, which were run by different levels of governments or private businesses, resulting in delayed reporting from certain medical institutions;

Incomplete information on certain death cases resulted in repetitive reporting or misreporting.
China has faced increased scrutiny this week by the United States to be transparent in its reporting on the coronavirus pandemic.

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