Locally-based players can’t marry because of their meagre salaries – Ex-Kotoko striker Eric Bekoe

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Former Asante Kotoko striker Eric Bekoe has said many Ghana Premier League players are unable to marry because of the meagre salaries they receive from their clubs.

In an interview with Angel FM sports, the former Premier League top scorer slammed club administrators for making it difficult for players to plan their lives because of their greed.

According to Eric Bekoe, he doesn’t understand why management members receive higher salaries than players in the league.

“These players carry the family burden on them and looking at the salary they take home, they continue to date without the intention of marrying,” he said.

”Even this salary you talking about management member is taking more than a player, how? After receiving the money they want results too.

“When a player who has played outside before want to re-launch his career in the Ghana Premier League, immediately they say that player will destroy the local players we have. The reason is because they do not want you to take home.”

Written by GhanaSlayers

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