I made a mistake marrying my wife – Uncle Ebo Whyte reveals

Popular Ghanaian Playwright and motivational speaker, Uncle Ebo Whyte has revealed he made a mistake marrying his wife Florence.

Ebo Whyte disclosed this on Facebook to celebrate his 37th wedding anniversary with Florence.

According to the respected public figure, he made a mistake leaving his ex-girlfriend for his wife and the regret in the marriage made him subject his wife to maltreatment in the early stages of their union.

“I married Florence, when I was still in love with someone else. I did so because I was too naive to understand that just walking away from a relationship doesn’t mean its done; I underestimated how much the girl meant to me and thought that the great chemistry I had with Florence was enough.

“I was consumed with the “what-if” monster – What if I had married her instead of Florence? I became resentful , was gradually checking out emotionally and I shut off Florence,” he said.

Uncle Ebo Whyte revealed that the ill-treatment towards his wife stopped after she told him that even though he thinks their marriage was a mistake, to her it was not.

“As a result, we had frequent arguments. One day, in the middle of one of our arguments my wife looked me in the face and said, ‘Ebo, you may think that you made a mistake in marrying me but I want you to know that I did not make a mistake in marrying you.’ Her words hit me.

“I was sure I had made a mistake but why was I punishing her for my mistake?

“After wooing her with reasons to love and trust me, I can’t now and say all the wooing was a mistake. I remembered my wedding vows and realized that I would never be a man, worthy of trust from anyone, until I lived up to the vows I made to my wife.

“I was compelled to become the kind of husband she needed and I needed to be. She called out the best in me,” he said.

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