Kwamena Ahwoi’s claims are false, I was not groomed to attack Rawlings – Kwakye Ofosu

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Former deputy minister of information, Felix Kwakye Ofosu, has denied claims made by NDC stalwart Professor Kwamena Ahwoi that he, along with the likes of Omane Boamah and Okudzeto Ablakwa were recruited and groomed to attack former president Jerry Rawlings for humiliating the late former president Mills.

According to Ahwoi in his controversial book titled “Working With Rawlings”, the public attacks on Professor Mills by Rawlings nearly forced the former to resign as president if not for the intervention of NDC elders like Totobi Kwakye and Kojo Tsikata who pleaded with him not to resign.

The former Local Government minister said that after the successful intervention, they decided to groom young NDC guys like  Felix Kwakye Ofosu, Ablakwa, Omane Boamah and others to hit back at Rawlings whenever he attacks Mills.

“… and we agreed to take steps to ensure that Rawlings stopped his public humiliation of President Mills or reduce it significantly. The strategy we adopted to achieve this objective was simple enough. From our knowledge of President Rawlings, we knew that he could not stand being talked back to by people he considered his subordinates.

“This must have been due to his military background, because in the military, the subordinate never talks back to his superior officer. So what we decided was that anytime President Rawlings attacked or insulted President Mills publicly, one of the younger members of the party would take him on publicly, not with insult but with logic,” Prof. Ahwoi wrote in his book.

But reacting to the claims made by Ahwoi, Kwakye Ofosu issued a statement on his Facebook account that it was never true that he was recruited or groomed in a grand plot to denigrate Jerry Rawlings.

“I wish to place on record that at no point have I been part of any plot,recruitment exercise or strategy to “talk back” at President Rawlings,” he said.

“It is a matter of public knowledge that I and others have rallied in the past to correct misimpressions created about the late President Mills during his tenure.My contribution to any such effort was based purely on principle,conviction and loyalty to the then President of Ghana and leader of the NDC.

“I have never required prompting or goading to speak about what I believe to be right or wrong.”

Read his full statement below…

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