Stop the lies, I’m not part of babies with sharp teeth – Omane Boamah slams Ahwoi

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Former Minister of Communications, Edward Omane Boamah has denied claims by Professor Kwamena Ahwoi that he was part of the young men who were allegedly groomed to insult former president Rawlings during the Former president Mills administration.

In his book, Working With Rawlings, Kwamena Ahwoi said the public humiliations and insults by Rawlings was too much that it nearly forced Atta Mills to resign if not for the intervention of him, Totobi Quakye and Kojo Tsikata.

He said after the successful intervention to prevent Mills from resigning, they strategically unleashed younger NDC activists like Omane Boamah, Ofosu Kwakye, and Ablakwa on Rawlings, to shut him up.

“… and we agreed to take steps to ensure that Rawlings stopped his public humiliation of President Mills or reduce it significantly. The strategy we adopted to achieve this objective was simple enough. From our knowledge of President Rawlings, we knew that he could not stand being talked back to by people he considered his subordinates. This must have been due to his military background, because in the military, the subordinate never talks back to his superior officer. So what we decided was that anytime President Rawlings attacked or insulted President Mills publicly, one of the younger members of the party would take him on publicly, not with insult but with logic.

“It worked and the strategy proved effective. Rawlings toned down on his public criticism of President Mills. Instead, he turned his anger on the young ‘boys and girls ‘ who were talking back at him whenever he criticised President Mills publicly. He described them at a public rally later as ‘Babies with Sharp Teeth’. The name stuck, but the presidency of Professor Mills was saved,” Ahwoi wrote in his book.

But reacting to Ahwoi’s claims Dr. Omane Boamah on Facebook today said it was never true that he was used as a tool tame Rawlings as the former suggests in his controversial book. According to him, he never even insulted Rawlings when he attacked President Mills.

“I have read excerpts of the Prof. Kwamena Ahwoi’s Book, “Working with Rawlings” that appear to suggest I was among a group of young politicians, who were purposely engaged by him and others to respond to and “talk back” at former President Rawlings for the latter’s attacks on the personality of the late President of Ghana, His Excellency John Evans Fiifi Atta Mills.

“Respectfully, I need to place on record that this claim is wholly and completely inaccurate and untrue. As a young man and politician with core convictions, I was never engaged nor could I have allowed myself to be used by anyone to talk back at former President Rawlings,” he said.

“My principled stand in defending the late President Atta Mills, without insults, against attacks I thought were undeserved was borne out of my respect and appreciation of the personality of the late President Mills – the Asomdwehene, his pureness of heart and other sterling and unique qualities that he possessed to a fault.

“The suggestion that my defence of the late President was part of a deliberate “strategy” by elders is irksome to me. It does not reflect my personality as a politician of conviction and not of convenience.”

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