Tracey Boakye is blackmailing Mahama with her baby – Tracey’s best friend Gloria Kani (Video)

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So papa nu has finally been revealed… and it is none other than our own former president John Mahama.. Yes according to Tracey Boakye former best friend Gloria Kani, Mahama had an “entanglement” with the former president.

Gloria Kani, who is also an actress, bared it all Instagram live today.

According to Gloria, Tracey Boakye has been threatening and blackmailing Mahama with her baby — whom the former believes may not even be the biological father.

She dared Tracey to go for D.N.A test to check the biological father of her baby cos she knows for sure Mahama is not the father.

“I don’t have your time, but all want to say is that the threats and blackmailing of JM won’t go anywhere. The man will be free from your trap. He will be free from your net. I know for a fact that when you were dating the man (Mahama), you were sleeping with others too. That is why I said the child is not his, so stop blackmailing him with the baby. DNA will solve all this problem,” she said.

Watch the video below…

Written by GhanaSlayers

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