Martin Amidu attacks Kwamena Ahwoi for writing lies against him in his book

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The Special Prosecutor Martin Amidu has called out former Local Government minister Professor Kwamena Ahwoi for writing lies in his controversial book “Working With Rawlings”.

According to Amidu, who worked with Ahwoi throughout Rawlings’ regime, his former colleague lied in his book that he and late former Vice President Kwasi Amissah Arthur were members of the NDC breakaway party, National Reform Party before he accepted to become the John Atta Mmill’s running mate for the 2000 elections.

Martin Amidu in a rejoinder published today stated emphatically that Ahwoi’s claims were “irredeemable lie” as neither he nor late former Vice President Amissah Arthur were member of the National Reform Party.

“Word was left alongside the book that, portions of it narrates on the authority of rumours, if ever rumours now constitute a source of authority for “Professors”, that the late Mr. Paa Kwasi Amissah-Arthur and I were members of the National Reform Movement.

“I was identified and baited by the author and Mr. Kofi Totobi-Kwakye, then the Minister for National Security, with the Vice Presidential candidacy in the 2000 election to breach the ranks of the movement. I am reported to have excitedly swallowed the bait. The narrative is an irredeemable lie because I can say and prove authoritatively in due course that neither the late Mr. Amissah-Arthur nor I was an associate or member of the National Reform Movement,” he wrote.

Martin Amidu also criticized the role of John Mahama’s running mate Naana Jane Opoku-Agyemang for writing the foreword of the book.

“Whilst the foreword is normally not an integral part of the book, no ethical academic will ever write a foreword to a scholarly book without first reading the book to make an objective assessment of its veracity because the writer of the foreword knows the invitation to write the foreword was based on the intention to use his or her reputation to entice the public to invest financial and human resources in purchasing and reading it. In this instance, the writer of the foreword is marketing the book with her credentials of PhD/FGA and has an ethical obligation to the public for integrity and truth in what she says with her credentials in the foreword,” he said.

“Did the writer of the foreword play any significant role as an editor, a reviewer, and an institutional colleague of the primary author in his narratives and writing or authoring of the book such that by the ethics of scholarly and professional writing she or he should not ethically have written the foreword to the book? Did she or he conceal those facts which make for an accountable and transparent ethical foreword writing in her foreword to the book?”

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