Photo of Mzbel sleeping in police custody drops

Well this a photographic evidence for all those who said we were lying about Mzbel’s arrest.

The singer herself subtly denied claims that she was arrested in a Facebook live video, telling her fans to calm down because she is very fine.

But in a new photo circulating online, the 16 Years hitmaker is spotted at a police custody looking very tired and almost falling asleep.

Mzbel was reportedly arrested yesterday following certain allegations she made about popular TV hostess Stacy Amoateng.

The musician, some few weeks ago, during the peak of the “Papa No” saga, said Prophet Nigel Gaisie told her that Stacy Amoateng was HIV positive and was he was the one praying for her to be cured.

Stacy, who felt defamed by the allegations, reported the case to the police which led to Mzbel’s arrest yesterday.

Check out photo of Mzbel at the police station below..

Written by GhanaSlayers

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