Kennedy Agyapong apologizes for insulting a judge

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Member of Parliament for the Assin Central constituency, Kennedy Agyapong, has apologized to the Chief justice, judges and the Magistrates Association of Ghana for insulting a judge on live television.

Mr Kennedy Agyapong speaking on the Seat Show of Net 2 TV called a high court judge “stupid” and “animal” for granting an injunction against him without conducting any due diligence.

“Listen to the reason why I am angry. The lawyer wrote the thing on August 5, and the judge scheduled appearance on August 13. I didn’t get anything from them; then on September 1, you granted an injunction on the property. You are a stupid judge; I will face you. You are a stupid judge. 18 years that I’ve had the land nobody served me and then I get called and told that an injunction has been placed on it. You are a stupid judge,” he fumed on TV.

But after being summoned by High Court judge Amos Wuntah Wuni for contempt, the controversial lawmaker has eaten a humble pie and has apologized for his comments against the judge.

In the apology published in the dailies, the loudmouth parliamentarian said that “Respectfully, I have been sued as a Defendant in the case titled Emmanuel Mompi & 2 ORS vs Hon Kennedy Ohene Agyapong [Suit No. LD/1028/20201•

“Subsequent to the suit, an order was made against me without my knowledge which made me very furious and angry thus causing me to express my dismay and anger towards the court order on a live, television programme called ‘The Seat’ on Net 2 Television station on the 2nd day of September, 2020.”

“However, upon sober reflection, I have come to the realization that without prejudice to the substantive case, my expression about the court, opinion was harsh thus I find it necessary to rend, unqualified apology without any reservation whatsoever to the Honorable Chief Justice, Judges an, Magistrates and any individual who have been offended by my uncomplimentary comments.”

“Thus prior to the publication of this letter I have appeared on the same platform on the 7th day of September 2020 and rendered same apology to the Hon Chief Justice, Judges and Magistrates .

“I must conclude that I strongly believe in our judicial systems and can never denigrate its integrity. Indeed I was set free by the court when I was charged with treason in 2012.”

Written by GhanaSlayers

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