Electoral Commission wants to rig the elections in favour of NPP -Mahama

Former president John Dramani Mahama has sent a warning to Ghanaians and international communities that he and his NDC party will not accept a flawed election results.

According to him, all the moves by the Electoral Commission shows that they are planning to rig the elections in favour of the ruling NPP.

He made his thoughts known while addressing NDC supporters at Abura on Thursday as part of his five-day campaign tour of the Central Region.

“We are not trouble makers. We want to make sure that all of us believe in this election so that if you win or lose, you are prepared to accept. But when we complain, they think that we are just causing trouble.

“This can lead this nation to chaos because I have said it, on December 7 when this election is flawed, we will not accept it. Who accepts a flawed
election? Nobody.

“And everything the electoral commission is doing is showing that we are
heading to a flawed election,” he said.

Written by GhanaSlayers

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