The popular saying “Fashion is what you buy and style is what you do with the things you buy” may not be totally true, rather a seamstress or tailor should bear in mind the suitable style of fashion for an occasion.

You can’t afford to appear in a white wedding gown on Halloween or Christmas day thinking your behavior or “what you do with it” makes it fitting for the day. Instead, a fashion dress should blend with the desired occasion through the style it was made.

By this, Ghana fashion styles have continued not only to be the best in Africa but also incorporated in modern fashion styles.

Ghanaian Fashion Styles in Picture

Apparently, Ghanaian’s new styles are being made through innovations, but the reality is, they are made through vigorous improvements on the previous styles in order to keep the styles within the culture while giving birth to more new stunning styles.

Now that the fashion style industry is welcoming new styles from different countries of which Ghana is one, you don’t want to miss out on any of them, so here I will be showing the latest styles from Ghana. Read on.


Fashion styles for women

African wax prints

The African wax prints are used in almost every Ghana fashion styles. Also known as Dutch wax and Ankara, it is recognized ad a textile having the same intensity of color at the two sides. Over 2.35 billion of yards are sold annually in the sub-Sahara part of Africa and about $2.6 billion cost of production.

Of the sum of yards produced by ATL, GTP, and Printex, Ghana consumes about 30 million yards annually. This print comes with different colorful designs to give almost an endless choice for every fashion style. Below are few of the dresses made with the prints in this picture.


This latest Ghana sundresses first appeared on NFTVS (Nigeria Fashion Television show) on 20th of June 2018. It comes in Ghana’s most flexible print making it the right gear for a hot afternoon relaxation in the silhouette, an afternoon stroll, it also goes for formal and informal events.

The sundresses will give you all the courage you need on a first date as they make you look elegant and not too flashy. They will go with any accessories, blend with the makeup of your choice and do not require a specific kind of footwear to go with. The fabric is soft for hand washing.

Casual evening wear

The casual ending wear is a multipurpose wear that can be harnessed to blend with different purposes. Apart from being a casual wear, stepping into the office in it with matching shoes also make it an official dress. With the use of accessories, you are ready for almost every ceremony in the casual evening wear.

It is usually a turtleneck gown with no-pad shoulders, large band waist, fitting upper part, and free lower part.


The full short skirt

We mentioned earlier that Ghana only make improvements on her previous fashion styles to create new ones and this full short skirt confirms that. This style is a classic one made as a combination of short ball skirt made of the wax prints, and a top (long sleeves shirt or cotton top).

If you are on a lookout for an addition to your collection of official dresses, get yourself some of these. The full short skirt comes in many colors and designs to suit your taste, you will almost take it for the popular leopard print of UK.

Neon print

Neon print will keep your wardrobe in shape for the dry season. The adoring piece is a combination of Africa wax print and satin, giving you a double taste altogether. We won’t recommend this fashion style for anyone in need of something to look elegant in, but if looking youthful and sexy is what you want, then this may be the only style that will satisfy your demand.

Furthermore, it is light on the body and allows for easy movement. It also does not make you feel heavy and weary like those made of heavy or thick textile.


Ghana Fashion Style for Men

Now we move to the male section. There are also new fashion styles form male, some of which are yet to be received beyond Ghana but are nevertheless going beyond Africa in 2018. Read on, please.

Ghana Traditional suit

We have all been waiting for this and it’s finally here. The traditional suit is a suit overlaid with Ankara, giving it a traditional and English look altogether.

This suit is going to be a mainstay in 2019 though it’s yet to be received allover Ghana. It will stay anywhere in your wardrobe, whether among your suits or your native wears.

Printed T-Shirt

These T-shirts, although are not made with prints, have African designs all over them. The designs are inspired by those on ankara, and these shirts will go with trousers or knickers.

Long shirt

The long shirts are cotton overplayed with Ghana’s beautiful patterns. Some of them come with a curved tail while some are just straight shirts.

They will give you all the look you need for both formal and informal events. With a pair of trousers or long jean, you need nothing more but one of these long shirts for every occasion.


Ghana Couples Fashion Style

Whether for wedding guest pictures or family pictures, whether for a couple outing or you want something good to look in while having a walk with your partner, there are also few latest Ghana fashion styles to go with.